Sunday, February 14, 2016


My neighbor, Kelly, would tell me stories of her past suffering. She was a long time fibroids patient and she had been taking oral contraceptive pills for many years. She was sick and tired of it all and wanted to finally be free of it. Kelly would complain to me about her daily pain and suffering and requested that I provide her with some emotional support. Kelly also asked me to help her find a natural way to shrink fibroids. She was my best friend and I wouldn’t take no for an answer.  So we spent many hours looking into natural alternative to curing fibroids. I looked through every magazine and newspaper I could get my hands on. I soon found myself on the internet searching away for content. I eventually landed on a website that changed my life.  It was on how to shrink fibroids naturally. The website is quickly rushed over to Kelly and shared this website with her. She looked into it and read over everything the website had to offer. She quickly became inspired and decided to try out the program that the website was recommending. The program was a holistic approach that involved changing my diet as well as doing a number of other things. Kelly was amazed by the wealth of knowledge that the program had to offer. She learned so much in so little time and quickly started putting that knowledge into practice.  I was there for her and wanted to see her suffering finally come to an end.

Several months later, Kelly went to go see her doctor. Her doctor examined her uterus using ultrasound and saw that the fibroid tumors had shrink in size by half! Kelly was astounded and started shedding tears of joy. I was waiting for her in the waiting room and when she finished up with her appointment she told me everything. I was so happy for her. Those many years of seeing her suffer and bleed had taken a toll on me too. I couldn’t see my neighbor and best friend go through that for much longer.

Nature always has a way of curing ailments if we only let it. Natural healing is what our ancestors depended on and it should be what we depend on as well. Medical pills only eliminate symptoms and don’t treat the underlying cause of disease. Nature has a way of getting to the core of the problem and removing it altogether. Kelly’s story has inspired me to learn as much as I can about natural healing and everything that it has to offer. I hope Kelly’s story has inspired you as well. Never lose faith in Mother Nature for she is the best of all healers! Stay strong and never give up, regardless of how much you may be suffering. There is a bright future ahead of you my dear friend.